The course covers a wide range of skills and techniques in Art and Design, you will work in sketchbooks to research and respond to artists and designers work  and experiment with media, techniques and processes to develop a range of final outcomes. Through set project briefs based on the themes of In Bloom and Portraiture you will study drawing, painting,IT for Art and Design, Illustration, Print, Painting, Ceramics and Textiles.

You will have a final major project at the end of the year; which allows you to develop a discipline of your choice, this year the theme for the FMP is Journeys.

6 units are covered through out the course, each worth 10 credits:

Unit 1 Visual recording in Art and Design

Unit 2 Materials, techniques and Processes in Art and Design

Unit 3 Ideas and Concepts in Art and Design

Unit 80 Painting in Fine Art

Unit 89 Developing and Realising Design Craft Idea

Unit 4 (Final Major Project) Communication through Art and Design

Grading for the course is Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction*