Learners will undertake sessions on CV writing, how to effectively apply for jobs and how to prepare themselves for the world of work.

Specialist qualifications are qualifications from Entry to level 3 on the Qualifications

and Credit Framework (QCF). They are work-related qualifications and are available

in a range of sectors. They give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills

they need to prepare for employment. They also provide career development

opportunities for those already in work. These qualifications may be full time or

part time courses in schools or colleges. Training centres and employers may also

offer these qualifications.

Some Specialist qualifications are knowledge components in Apprenticeship

Frameworks (previously known as 'Technical Certificates').

There are three sizes of Specialist qualification in the QCF:

 Award (1 to 12 credits)

 Certificate (13 to 36 credits)

 Diploma (37 credits and above).

Every unit and qualification in the QCF has a credit value.

The credit value of a unit is based on:

 one credit for every 10 hours of learning time

 learning time - defined as the time taken by learners at the level of the unit, on

average, to complete the learning outcomes to the standard determined by the

assessment criteria.

E3/ L1 introduction to health and social care sector, for students to get an insight to working within the sector

To develop the learner's understanding of the skills and knowledge that underpin the qualification and help them move on to employment

Developing self awareness